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Get the Most Out of Your Social Media


What I do and how I can help you

LouD Social Media 

Social Media can be very overwhelming for most people, and can leave you feeling left behind in the digital world.

This is where I can help you and your business...or perhaps you would like to learn more personally for yourself, so that you can keep in touch more with family and friends.

I specialise in..

I specialise in the basics - we all started from somewhere after all!

So having little or no experience, or wanting to push your skills to the next level is where I can help.
People often think that they don't know enough or are afraid to learn, but you'll be surprised how much you do know and that you are not alone. 

I say good for you for wanting to help your own business!


I help with..
~ Start-ups getting onto social media

~ Creating new pages for Facebook or Instagram

~ Social media training

~ Content creation packages

~ Content creation training

Training Sessions

1:1 training sessions can be held face to face, or via zoom or teams - meaning it doesn't matter where you are in the UK, I can still train you!


Training sessions are tailored specifically to you and your business. Together we will check that you have all the basics working for you and then work through getting your skills up to the next level

You have total control over how long you would like the session to be for and more time can be added at a later date.

Training sessions are not just for business!!
You may wish to get some training yourself for your personal gain.  It can help you keep in touch with friends and family!

Marketing planning
and structure

I offer bespoke sessions to create a structure or a marking plan. 

We can all feel a little stuck and overwhelmed with what to do next for our business, so you are certainly not alone. 

My sessions allow you talk through where you are at and together we create a plan on how to move forward and regain that focus.

Content Creation
Packages & Training

Your content is your selling point, so its really important to get it right, as it can make or break a sale.


~ I offer monthly packages to create branded content for you

~ I offer training sessions on how you can create the content yourself

~ Canva is a brilliant tool to use for content creation, and I can train you on the basics

Social Media

I can also offer everything as a workshop.

This is perfect if you have more than 1 person that you would like to offer training to. 

This ensures that your business can be covered if one person is perhaps away, or allows more people to share the workload.

Power Hour!

Power Hours are a great place to start, if you know you need help but not sure with what - you just know that what you are doing is no longer working for you and you need to step up.

What we do is go through what you have already in place, to see if you have any fundamental parts missing, that are perhaps losing you sales or exposure.

I can then talk you through some shortcuts and tips and explain a little about branding and hashtags too.

Power Hours can easily be taken over zoom or teams.

This is Me...

Here to take your Social Media to another level!

LouD Social Media was born back in 2018 after being made redundant, and I soon discovered the need to help people in going back to basics with their social media and get that right first. 


I also found lots of businesses were feeling left behind in the digital world and the support that I could offer would be invaluable to them.


What People Are Saying...

Online Training Session - Google Review

My 1 to 1 session with Lou at Loud Social Media was incredibly valuable - it was refreshing to discuss my social media accounts in good detail. Lou's true professionalism and knowledge of the arena has left me with numerous routes to explore and ideas moving forward.

I would very much recommend.

Helen Hyde -

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