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Marketing planning & structure

Are you stuck?

We can all feel a little stuck and overwhelmed with what to do next for our business, so you are certainly not alone. 

We talk through where you are at, what frustrate you, what you would like to learn or if you are just at a loss and not sure what you need to do.   We then create a plan on how to move forward and regain that focus.

1:1 sessions and workshops help create a structure or a marketing plan, which is bespoke for you and your business.

Lou holding a marketing planning meeting

What People Are Saying...

Training Session 

Facebook Review
I’m new to my role, supporting my husbands business and social media training with Lou, was my first port of call! The training was tailored to suit what areas I wanted to cover and Lou shared learning I hadn’t even thought about. I came away with lots of new learning and plenty to be implementing. Really practical and useful! I would highly recommend.

Kate - DMA Architecture
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