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What to expect

Read examples of how Lou has worked with others to improve their social media skills and find out what they say about how it helps them.

Lou was fab help to me and gave me some real helpful pointers in getting started, taking a step back and actually evaluating what I want my social media to say about me and my business.

We broke it down and I came away with some really great ideas and tips to work on going forwards.
Lou showed great knowledge, passion and patience.
I've been busy squirreling away since we met up and I know she'll be championing me when I get my plans in place.

Thanks again Lou! x

Kay was initially struggling with her social media and getting overwhelmed by trying to do everything, but feeling that she wasn't quite getting there...and not really sure why and where to start.

After our initial chat about her business, I was then able to look at her website and social media platforms and we created a plan on how to move forward.

Kay definitely had some light bulb moments  about how to make changes to market her business more effectively.
She also brought a list of questions with her which we went through, and made lots of notes to return to at any time (recommended).

We had time for a bit of social media training and a look around Canva, which she was already using, but came away with more tips.

Kay walked in for a 2 hour social media training and frustration on her face, but ended up leaving with a marketing plan, training and a smile on her face  - and this is why I love what I do.

If this resonates with you, be more Kay and book a session with me.

WMS Properties

Had a social media Power Hour with Lou where she shown me different ways of how I can add to my buisness pages. She taught me ways in a manner that I clearly understood.

Her approach and manner was friendly and very professional, would definitely recommend.

Thank you Lou!

Last week, the lovely Gina from @gina_at_carpe_diem booked a power hour session with me ️

Gina is based in Middlewich and is highly skilled and qualified in an extensive range of holistic treatments including Reiki, massage and reflexology.

Gina already uses both Facebook and Instagram but wanted to learn more and power up ️and she made lots of notes throughout the session - this I always advise so that its written in your own way and you can therefore understand it when you need to refer back to what we talked about at a later stage.

We talked about:

Facebook: a little tlc and additions that were needed
Instagram: the bio and getting the right message out there
Highlights: how to create them and what they can do to help advertise her business
Reviews: Gina has loads!!!  how important they are and to use them for her content
Using stock images: what you need to know if you want to use them
Branding: the 'science' behind branding and what it does - a couple of lightbulbs moments there which I love 

We covered lots and my advice is always to go home, let it sink in and you have notes to refer to. You may not remember it all and thats ok - chances are when you are putting into practice some of the things we discussed, then you will naturally start to think of some of the other parts too.

And remember, do not be hard on yourself about social media - I am always still learning too and things are forever changing, just do what you can 

If you would like to know more about my sessions, book a Free 15 minute discovery call with me to chat about where you may feel stuck and what we can do, whether its training, help with branding or working out a marketing structure for your business.

Carpe Diem Holistics

Having moved my business to Cheshire I have been struggling getting to grips with social media as it wasn’t something I had to do myself as had previously had a member of staff doing it for me. I needed some help to boost my profile and so subscribed with Cheshire Vibe before Christmas. I quickly realised that I needed some extra help with Instagram and so asked Lou if she could have a one to one session teaching me the basics of how to promote my business in a completely new area. I have been a novice with using Instagram and was a little concerned that the little knowledge I had would mean starting from scratch.


Lou made me feel confident in what I had already learnt myself which was a stepping stone to her being able to explain some of the additional steps to get myself seen which in turn will boost my following on Instagram. We talked about #hashtags and how they work and some of the words which would be good to use with my business. I learnt more about reel, posts and highlights which I hadn’t been using to get the best out of them to get new followers. Lou took time to explain and would highly recommend if you are looking to get your business seen on social media.

Debbie from @reasons_tobe_cheerful_pottery had booked a 1:1 session with me. Debbie is also a  @cheshirevibe subscriber so I was already familiar with the content she posts.

We had a really great session and I always love it when clients come away buzzing with ideas and actions to put in place, exciting times ahead for them.

Debbies session was 1 hour - I never suggest more than 2 hours, as I feel that clients won't retain information for longer. Its good to allow them to take away the information, work on it in their own time and then book a further session.

Have a read through her lovely feedback ( thank you), and if this resonates with you, lets have a free chat to see how I can help you and your business.

Reasons To Be Cheerful
Pottery Studio

As someone who is not great with social media, Louise did an audit on my socials and gave me lots of great tips & advice which have really helped.


Thanks Lou

A fab 1:1 session today with the lovely Tina, owner of @skinoveve in #congleton

We talked about content in general
The background of what branding does and how to strengthen it.We talked about hashtags and what they actually do, which in turn helps you choose more wisely.
We delved into stories a little more, which was what Tina enjoys the most so she came away with a few extra tips to add!

Tina left with a smile of her face  and some potential actions to mull over on proceeding forward.

Thank you for booking a session with me, it was lovely meeting you and I’m looking forward to seeing some changes in the near future.

Tina has her own salon in Congleton, offering lots of fantastic beauty treatments, and she will soon be adding even more treatments to the list too. Head over to her page @skinoveve and give her a follow.


Just completed a great session on social media training with LouD. Really insightful with some easy take aways to improve outcomes across multiple platforms.


Highly recommend for novices!

My comments: Yesterday morning James booked a 1:1 Zoom session with me at @loudsocialmediauk

James owns @invicta_health_and_performance based in #cheshireeast and offers a whole host of services including sports physio, massage, rehabilitation, post-op care, to name but a few.

James has good content already, but his reason for contacting me was to learn about how to grow his following.

We talked about hashtags which are always key to help push your reach, but we talked about engagement and growing your community, something that James would need to spend a little time on.

We also talked about the connections that he already has and the collaborations that could happen.

James is super busy and wearing many hats, which come with running your own business, but we all need to make that time for our own businesses. Don't get me wrong, I also struggle to make time to post on my own social media page!!

To sum up it up, James hopefully came away from our session with a little more understanding as to what he needs to do, more structure and purpose to help him reach the next level, which I have no doubt he will do! I look forward to seeing his progress!

I think for people in general, its a bit of a misconception that if you are on social media and have a presence then thats all you need to do - you do have to put in the leg work, just like anything else.


Just completed a great session on social media training with LouD. Really insightful with some easy take aways to improve outcomes across multiple platforms.


Highly recommend for novices!

The Effective Directories

Last week I headed over to Sandbach for a training session for the lovely Andrea who owns @effective_directories

Having been running for over 17 years and delivering the directory magazines to over 50,000 homes and businesses, Andrea wanted to broaden and level up her social media skills.

It was a fantastic session working on branding, and how to strengthen branding. We also worked a lot within Canva, something that Andrea wanted to particularly learn so that she could then create more of her own content.

We also looked into Meta Business Suite so that Andrea can save time with scheduling her posts! Something that will be of huge benefit to her and her business, its such a great tool and easy to use.

An added bonus for me is that I got to meet her kitties. 

This is the perfect time to think about upping your skills before the festive season is upon us. All training sessions are bespoke and tailored to what you and your business need.

Whether it's helping you stand out, save time by scheduling, taking correct photos, branding, using keywords, hashtags, etc.

Even if you do not know what you do need, I will asses your platforms and make a plan for how to move forward!

Just wanted to say how amazingly supportive you’ve been for Cottage of Dreams. You have added structure, organisation, quality and professionalism. Massive thank-you for your contribution to my business. I am definitely more organised and happier with you in my life thankyou! thankyou! thankyou!!!!

I would highly recommend Lou Davis for many reasons x

I started working with Sandra @cottageofdreamsuk towards the end of last year, Sandra was 'stuck' and becoming overwhelmed with what to do. After a chat and me taking over the reigns for a a couple of months we have brought more structure and direction to her business, as well as marketing herself better and the services that she offers. We've discussed branding which is now far more prevalent in her posts that I've loved creating for her.

Next up is some training together so that I can teach Sandra some of what I do, as well as her being able to do little things like Instagram highlights, hashtags and engaging with clients, etc - looking forward to it!

Big thanks to Sandra for writing such a lovely review for me  it means a lot x

If you feel stuck with your socials or perhaps what you are doing isn't quite working for you anymore, then Id love to chat with you to see how I can help.

Cottage of Dreams Hypnotherapy & Holistics

LouD has been great at creating relevant and eye catching creation for our business. We know that they are up to date on current news and changes in the world of social media and this really helps to give use peace of mind.


Thank you.

Dan from @dmarchitectureuk who has been a client of mine for a couple of years now, came to me for a 1:1 meeting regarding the content creation that I do for DMA architecture UK.


To keep things fresh for his business and to continue to evolve with the current times we discussed his new website that’s coming soon, what areas he would like to push and also a little with regards to content/photos that he takes.

What was super helpful to him was to see what goes on in the background with the work that I do for him, and he came away with more of an understanding which will be of great help to the both of us going forward 

Thanks for your time Dan!

DM Architecture

What People Are Saying...

Training Session 

My meeting with Lou at LouD was just what I needed in order to launch my business on Instagram. Despite having a small personal Instagram account , I didn't really understand what tools I would need to create a good social media following and Lou really helped with straight forward advice and tips. I went from 7 followers to 117 in a few days.
Louise Hawthorn
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